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Why should you have your ducts cleaned?

     After 20 years in this business I have come to the conclusion that there are two main reasons for cleaning the air ducts. One is because they are dirty and two is because people are complaining. It is one or the other of these reasons and sometimes it is both. If the ducts are dirty they ought to be cleaned to improve the indoor air quality. If people are complaining and the ducts are not particularly dirty then they still may have to be cleaned to some degree to quiet the situation and avoid legal or workers comp problems.
     My preference is that the ducts are dirty and as a matter of good maintenance they are cleaned to help ensure a healthy environment for the occupants. I have seen situations where occupants were complaining and the owner chose to prove he was right by getting air quality testing. The result was that that the owner proved his case, but he still had occupants who believed there was a problem. Money would have been better spent on cleaning the ducts in the first place since they were in fact dirty. I realize that not all of the problems occupants may be having are necessarily related to the duct system and the air quality, but if they believe they are then something effective needs to be done. It is a common fact in my experience in dealing with building maintenance personnel that they spend a portion of there time trying to appease occupant concerns about the indoor environment. If not the ducts then the carpets and if not the carpets then the lights and if not the lights then the paint and who knows what else can be faulted.
     The wiser course to take in many cases is to attempt to resolve whatever the complaint is about and in this way at least demonstrate concern for the occupants well being. I have known of cases where situations were ignored and they became legal issues with no real defense because the building owner had not taken any action. This is not the result I wish for.
     The way I see it, your AC duct system is like any thing else. It sometimes needs cleaning and maintenance. How often this is necessary is variable, but the question I like to ask is how often do you clean your floor. I am sure the answer is when it is dirty. Well your ducts get dirty and need to be cleaned even though you cannot see them.
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